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On-Shelf Availability

Using our AI software to track inventory balances, brick-and-mortar retailers can identify and fix in-store operational issues, improve On-Shelf Availability and Visibility, and restore sales up to 2%.

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  • The average worldwide Out of Stock (OOS) rate in retail is about 8.3% and it is reason for the loss of around 4% of sales.

  • About 25% OOS events are caused by shelf OOS, when the product was actually in the store, 47% events are caused by not accurate demand forecasting and ordering, 28% events are caused by other factors - mainly suppliers.

  • The level of coincidence of actual and accounting stock balances is 35–45% of cases. Presence of "phantom inventory" is the major contributor to 47% store ordering root cause.

  • Shoppers encounter stock outages, empty shelves, price confusion, and other similar obstacles to purchase in as many as one in three shopping trips.

in-store operational Issues sumatus targets

Picture 1.png

Phantom inventory

Accounting system includes products which are not in the store

Picture 4.png

Product in store, but not on shelf

Products are still in backroom after receipt, or shelf replenishment is late during the day

Picture 2.png

Products not appropriate for sale

Timely not written off damaged and expired products which are in the store and accounting system

Picture 5.png

Shoppers don’t see product

Products are hidden under other products, or products in small quantities are hidden on the back shelves

Picture 3.png

Price mismatch 

One price on the price tag – the other on cash register’s check, or missing price tag on the shelf

Picture 6.png

Promo late start

Missing promo products or missing promo price tag

How it works

  • The machine learning algorithm every day analyses stock balances of each SKU in each store and identifies in-store operational issues. 

  • Store personnel daily receive prioritized alerts to act on specific list of problematic items.

Why choose our solution

Picture 7.png

Loyal shoppers

Higher on-shelf availability. The solution ‘attacks’ half of root causes

Picture 10.png

Accurate orders

Phantom Inventory is corrected in the system. Perfect add-on application to demand forecasting and ordering tools

Picture 8.png

Restore sales up to 2%

Timely identified in-store operational issues are fixed 

Picture 11.png

Integration in 1 week

Integration with retailer’s systems is quick and easy. Payback from the first day

Picture 9.png

Happy employee

Timely, specific, prioritized alerts. Employee training 10 min.

Picture 12.png

Price starts from 15 euro

Month per store

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