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Replace paper forms, systemize, and standardize control over the routine tasks and various audits with SUMATUS digital checklists.

  • Daily self-check by store manager, for example in the morning or before evening pick hours.

  • Regular tasks execution control in the store, for example promo start preparation, price changes, etc. 

  • Serve as a record of the store visit by a Region Manager.

  • Conduct regular store checks by Store Operations Auditor. 

  • Conduct store audit by external Mystery Shopper services provider. 

  • Incorporate audit results in the employee performance management and motivation system. 


How it works

  • Create digital checklist forms on the SUMATUS platform. 

  • Fill in the checklist using phone, tablet or computer and get results emediatly. 

  • No IT support required. Employee training 5 min. 

Why choose our solution


Easy to use

Super easy build forms, assign responsible employees, use simple Yes / No questions, or apply various predefined scoring schemes.



Make forms not recuring or recuring with specific execution day and time limits. The forms adapt to the device they are displayed on – phone, tablet or computer. 

Picture 12.png

Affordable price

Free 14 days pilot.

20% discount on annual subscription.

One off launching fee 1000 Eur.

Monthly price from 5 Eur per store. 

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