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Turn data into Actions
Two in one – Advanced Analytics solutions for retailers in combination with state-of-the-art category management consulting.

SUMATUS is an information technology & services company developing AI powered assortment and inventory management solutions exclusively for retail industry.


We combined our more than 20-year experience and knowledge of retail, FMCG and category management with data science methods, such as Data Mining, Machine Learning, Predictive Modelling, Clustering, Simulation & Optimization, and developed algorithms which enable retailers convert data into insights and fact-based decisions to ensure customer satisfaction and profitable store growth.

Canned Food

assortment planning & optimization

Fulfill customer needs and increase store sales, profit, inventory turnover with optimal product mix. 

We developed AI software which ensures Optimal Assortment development  - both at macro and SKU levels. It is achieved using Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms enabling at the same time concider customer needs, store financial targets, product merchandising rules, capacity constraints, suppliers' cooperation terms, market oportunity. 

On-Shelf Availability

Using our AI software to track inventory balances, brick-and-mortar retailers can identify and fix in-store operational issues, improve On-Shelf Availability and Visibility, and restore sales up to 2%.

Check our new video about OSA!



Replace paper forms, systemize, and standardize control over the routine tasks and various audits with SUMATUS digital checklists.


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